Here at country cats, we recognise that each furry friend has their own personality and individual needs that must be catered for.

whilst staying with us, we will only feed your cat(s) what theyre fed at home where the details will be kept on a menu, which can be seen outside of each cabin. if your cat preserves a more acquired taste, then fresh mend fish will be made available to them at a small extra cost.

You will need to supply the food if your cat is on a prescription diet. we can also administer medication as prescribed, if required.



In addition to providing a laid back, friendly service, we also provide visible documentation of our license to care for your nearest and dearest and also up to date insurance documents, which can be viewed at your leisure, so you can be completey rest assured that your pets are in the safest, most capable hands.


On arrival to your cats temporary new home, we want you to feel content and relaxed, whilst providing you with a proffessional service that you can rely on.

If you are new to our cattery, we will ask you to complete a short, but necessary 'getting to know us' form where we cover all of the bases from your cats likes & dislikes, dietry requirements and latest vaccinations, alongside emergency contact details for yourselves, confirming arrival and departure dates. After recording the details about your cat, we will then show you the suite in which they will be staying so that you can settle them in. This way you can be assured that everything is as it should be, before you leave for your holiday.