At country cats, we will provide all of the bedding that your cat will need during their stay with us. we are also open to using your own bedding from home as a comforter and we would recomend bringing an item from home eg. blanket or toy to ensure your pet is as settled as possible whilst youre away.

Being a business run from home, we like to place a family stamp on each of our guests and like to remember each of them. to do so, at the end of each stay, we perpare a small goody bag for your cats as a thank you choosing us & each cat will be added to our hall of fame.


We will offer a pick up and drop off service (subject to availability) but we will charge a premium rate for this as our cattery is a family run business, caring for your pet is our main priority, before driving.


Our accomodation is second to none. We are a boarding establishment lisenced by cardiff city council where they highlighted that our cattery would be one of the few they would personally use. The accomodation goes above and beyond the legal requirements with regards to sizing & excersisng space, each UPVC pen finished to the highest standard. We provide each pen with a homely touch, toys & scratch boards to keep your cats entertained 24 /7. Each pen is furnished with a choice of beds and heat lamps to to provide maximum warmth.